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We entered the business some 15 years ago after an opportunity arose to open a small showroom in a converted granary just outside Wimborne, Dorset. We have loved and used woodburning stoves for over 30 years in our various homes and would never live without the comfort, warmth and cost savings a stove provides.

In recent times, there has been a vast amount of publicity with regard to the rising cost of fuel and green issues. Consumers are continually feeling the effect of increasing energy costs with both gas and oil and record prices and no sign of it slowing down or reversing in the near future.

A woodburner gives a wonderful source of heat at economical running prices. Wood has generally remained stable in price, as it is in abundant supply, readily available and local - and sometimes free if you are lucky enough to have your own sources. It is estimated that the initial costs of the appliance and installation can be recovered within 2 to 3 years when you consider the ever-increasing energy costs.

We have noticed that the market in solid fuel heating appliances has increased significantly from when we first started in the business all those years ago. A woodburning stove is carbon neutral, that is to say the CO² released in the burning of wood is equal to the carbon absorbed by the tree in the growing of it.

Not only that, woodburning stove is a stylish, warm and efficient addition to any room!

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